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Homeowners and business property owners need to perform routine maintenance on their property. One of the areas you should regularly inspect is your roof. Your roof takes a lot of abuse from wind, rain, sun and storms. Here are a few warning signs to watch out for that may indicate your roof needs some professional attention.

1. Black or dirty-looking spots or moss or vegetation growth. Many roofs in the northwest will succumb to moss if they are left unattended. Getting rid of moss is best left to a professional — a homeowner can do more harm than good by attempting to clean their own roof with a rented power washer.

2. Water stains, mold or mildew growth on interior walls or ceilings typically indicate a leak somewhere in the underlayment or flashing.

3. Water leakage inside the house or attic after a wind-driven rain could be a sign that the underlayment or flashing has deteriorated allowing water to work its way into the home.

4. Shingles are missing, cracked or curled.

5. Ice dams along the edges of your roof. If you're in an area where snow can sit on your roof for several months, ice dams can form from repeated melting and freezing of the snow. This can cause water to back up under the shingles. This typically indicates that you have inadequate attic ventilation.

6. Your energy use keeps going up. Insufficient and deteriorating attic ventilation causes your heating and cooling systems to run longer and more Roofers working on a tile roofoften. Proper attic ventilation also keeps your roof covering cooler in the summer and prevents it from heating up in the winter, which causes the snow to melt, only to quickly refreeze as it drips near the gutter. Poor attic ventilation can be solved when a new roof is being installed.

If you notice any of these warning signs, you should contact a local roofing company. Here are a few suggestions:

Absolute Quality Roofing
481 Sunshine Acres Dr,
Eugene, OR 97401

All Roofs Northwest
4089 W. 11th Avenue,
Eugene, OR

All Seasons Roofing
2755 Taito Street
Eugene, OR 97404

Cedar Tech
210 Sunshine Acres Drive,
Eugene, OR

Hatten Roofing and Construction Inc
2611 W 5th Ave,
Eugene, OR 97402

Evergreen Roofing
3237 West 1st Avenue,
Eugene Oregon, 97402

Huey & Sons Roofing
2935 Allane Lane,
Eugene, OR 97402

Roger Anderson Roofing
2355 South Louis Lane,
Eugene, OR

Steve Matti Roofing
1304 Rutledge Street,
Eugene, OR 97402

Top Quality Roofing Construction Inc
5780 Royal Avenue,
Eugene, OR 97402

Umpqua Roofing Co
1010 South Danebo Avenue,
Eugene, OR

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